Technology Center

RAMCS Plc’s services have rich history of creating innovative network designs for its customers based on their needs. Fundamentally, the company undertakes fiber optics installation and configuration, termination of the fiber optics, PBX configuration, and V-Sat, TV and Radio Station installation.

Moreover, the highly trained employees who are currently providing technological support make the service of the RAMCS Plc exceptional. It provides experienced technicians to handle the inevitable inquiry and support of every product it sells.


Communications: includes the installation, configuration and maintenance of Networking (Local and Wide area networking).

Computers & Office Machines: this section undertakes repairing, maintenance, and configuration of computers and office machines like scanners, printers, photocopy machines and cash registers.

Electrical Controls: it includes the installation of Power Back up System, Machinery, Solar Panel and Electrical Control Board.

We are proficient in installation of security technologies like CCTV, Access Control, Alarm System, Razor Wire, Road Blocker and Metal Sensor.

Banking Equipment: it includes the configuration and maintenance of ATM Machines, Prepaid Terminals and Cash Counters.

Computers & Office Machines that includes:

Photocopy machines and
Cash registers


Electrical Controls that includes sales of:

Power Back up System &
Machinery Installation
Solar Panel
Electrical Control Board

Security includes sales of:

Access Control
Alarm System
Razor Wire
Road Blocker
Metal Sensor

Banking Equipment that includes sales of:

ATM Machines
Prepaid Terminals
Cash Counters