RAMCS, one of the pioneers in provision of ICT solutions in Ethiopia has brought to you Hi-tech, industry standard, cost effective and feature rich GPS Tracking Solution, named RAMCS-Track.

In today’s competitive world, the demand for GPS tracking solutions continues to increase, making GPS tracking in businesses as viable technology solution for improving productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction there by increase in profitability.

RAMCS Track enables efficient real time monitoring of your cars, trucks and other vehicles using GPS and GSM/GPRS technology to keep you informed as to vehicle’s  where abouts, giving you the insight you need, improve your vehicle utilization and help reduce overall operational costs.

Why RAMCS-Track?

  • Find out in seconds where your car or fleet of vehicles, family members or your valuables and get real-time location information:   where it is right now, where it has been and where it is heading via SMS text/email through your mobile phone/tablet, or using internet connected computer.
  • Save fuel costs using our advanced software that provides you with information on fuel consumption, traveled distance, speeding, inefficient routes taken, fuel refilling, fuel theft, misreporting and violation of predefined route.
  • Ensure safe driving using predefined alerts that send you SMS/email in the events of irresponsible driving, drunk driving, excessive speeding, excessive idling, engine start-up or shut-down during off-hours, unauthorized vehicle usage and when a vehicle enters or exits specific geographic areas and automatically stop vehicle or activate buzzer/siren when any alarm is triggered including taking photo in order to help you further investigate the situation on wards.
  • Take immediate action against theft with the stop engine feature based on alerts you received that suggest your vehicle may be stolen. Using RAMCS-Track maps you will know the exact location of your asset!!!
  • Provide instant help to your driver with SOS button and in-cab screen messaging to ensure safety of vehicle and passenger/ cargo.
  • Improve your customer service using our GPS tracking solutions that empower you on better routing and dispatching to your customers more quickly, and to determine when a vehicle arrived on a job and when it left, providing accurate and verifiable proof of services.
  • Vehicle care and maintenance schedules can be easily managed through alerting functions to let you know when vehicles are due for routine maintenance. In addition, GPS tracking usually decreases the amount of kilometers you have to put on vehicles.
  • Employee productivity with GPS tracking installed, employees work more effectively and stop utilizing company vehicles for personal use. Improved routing and dispatching also decreases the amount of time employees spend between jobs, giving them more time to work during the day

Who can benefit from RAMCS-Track?

  •  Emergency Services (ambulance and fire, etc.)
  • Construction machineries and vehicles (dump trucks, dozers, cement rollers, etc.)
  • Truck companies (trucks, oil tankers, cargo trucks, trailers, etc.)
  • Public Transportation (buses, mini buses, taxis, etc.)
  • Travel and tour operators
  • Car rental firms
  • Company cars (services, delivery vans, etc.)
  • Personal vehicles (car, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Parents (trucking kids, loved ones, etc.)
  • Special assets (mobile expensive equipment)
  • School transport
  • Military vehicles
  • Police

RAMCS-Track Features

Access any time from anywhere

Access real time truck information through: mobile phone, tablet or easy to use internet based application accessible from any computer.

  • Update door open/close status, available to control open/close vehicle door by SMS or platform.
  • Update position online via time interval (30sec), distance, angle, move ratio and ACC ratio.
  • Get Google Map link for current location by SMS request.
  • Tracking via SMS or Internet.
  • Get information on location, speed, engine on/ off status, door status, etc.

Fuel Monitoring

  • Fuel savings, anti fuel theft and monitoring fuel consumption and synchronous record vehicle mileage.

Anti Theft

  • Protect your vehicles from being stolen with various alarms and cut engine remotely when vehicle was stolen.

Driver Identification

  • Driver identification by extra RFID sets
  • Manage your drivers, record each driver’s driving time and place details.

Temperature Monitoring

  • High temperature alarm, provide safety delivery for vegetables, fruit and cold drinks using temperature sensor.

Alerts and Notifications (SMS/ Email)

RAMCS-Track sends emails and SMS alerts when anything goes wrong or something happens which is worth bringing to notice. Available to set different alarm notification ways, such as via SMS, call or email such as:

  • Set different alarm notification ways, such as via SMS, call or email
  • Automatically stop engine, or activate buzzer/siren when geo-fence, speed alarm or any other alarm trigger
  • Vehicle maintenance that remind you to maintain your vehicles on time
  • Stop Vehicle remotely via relay (Stop Engine)
  • External power cut alarm and low battery alarm,
  • SOS alarm (available to preset 3 SOS number),
  • Drank drive, over speed, shake, geo-fence alarm, engine on/off alarm, etc.

Two way communication and/or voice monitoring

RAMCS-Track allows bi-direction communication with the employees/ driver in the vehicle through voice or SMS.

  • Voice monitoring and two way conversation via extra speaker and microphone
  • Take photo automatically when SOS or Geo-fence or any other alarm triggered.
  • Take photo automatically at a preset time interval.
  • Talk to driver or monitor what driver saying in car.


The RAMCS-Track tracking and monitoring functionality is supported by comprehensive reporting with capability to export in PDF, Word or Excel formats.

Overall reports

Produce various types of reports;

  • Trip replay, etc.
  • Idle time;
  • Trip time
  • Distance traveled
  • Engine on hours report;
  • Over speeding

Save History Data

  • Position storing capacity up to 30,000+ waypoints if no signal.
  • No need to worry about losing data when trackers run into GPRS blind area.

Security System

  • RAMCS-Track allows ignition operation controlled with RFID and password based security. The system can immobilize the vehicle by simply sending an SMS to the RAMCS-Track device.

Uninterrupted Communication

  • Even when the car is out of the cell phone coverage area or car battery is down.

Easy System Administration

  • RAMCS-Track provides comprehensive administrative features to help customers easily manage various information and features.

Live Updates from Internet

  • Live updates of single vehicle or the entire fleet status in a single view solution.

24×7 Support

  • 24×7 support through phone and email to ensure that you are never out of service. .

Customer Service/Technical Support

  •  Technical support available 24/7.
  •  Help customers on various report generation and conversion if necessary.
  •  Free initial installation and training on full utilization of our tracking software.
  •  Can call to staff for live technical support.
  •  Installation done by our certified technicians.

Payment Options

  •  Various payment options available.
  •  Please contact us .