Platinum Software Solutions 

RAMCS believes that organizations necessitate system and process management converted to an electronic format (i.e, using computers and information systems) rather than relying on paper and manual work to perform the tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Hence, the Platinum software solution of the RAM CS Plc is mainly aimed at contributing to the ICT industry in the country and even to the world by conducting research and professional surveys.  Platinum Software is a brand name provided to all software, which are built up by RAM CS PLC. These software are developed by using high level programming languages, which are platforms and MS SQL and oracle database. They also use different report writer software.

Platinum Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is a way where the data and processes of an organization are integrated into one single system that uses a unified database to store data. The purpose of ERP of the RAMCS Plc is to allow organizations to have accurate and general resource planning by developing interrelated multi-module database system. ERP has components, which are both hardware and software.

What Makes Platinum ERP Better?

  • There is fast and flexible implementation
  • It has Model Based Architecture (MBA)  that puts you in control
  • It is designed for the global economy

Advantages of Platinum ERP Systems:

  • A totally well-integrated system
  • Streamlines different processes and workflows
  • Easily shares data across various departments in an organization
  • Improves efficiency and productivity levels
  • Has better tracking and forecasting
  • Lower cost
  • Improves customer service

Integrated Modules under ERP software:

  • Marketing and Sales,
  • Production,
  • Inventory Control,
  • Procurement,
  • Distribution,
  • Human Resource and
  •  Finance and Accounting

Reporting is possible across any user-defined dimensions:

  • Balance sheet of an organization
  • Transaction of an organization
  • Accounting
  • Product
  • Business Partner
  • Marketing …and more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is a way that an enterprise strengths its business relation with its customers by enhancing their satisfaction through the introduction of customer access modules. It is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty. What makes Platinum CRM better?

  • It’s designed with the philosophy that the front-office directly drives the business.
  • Can be easily adapted or modified to meet the changing needs and demands of a  company.

PAdvantages of CRM:

  • Provides better customer service
  • Increases customer revenues
  • Discovers new customers
  • “Cross Sell” and “Up Sell” products more effectively
  • Simplifies marketing and sales processes

Web design & Intranet

Popularization is vital to stay ahead of competition and to create stable and lasting position in the prevailing business environment. Cognizant to this, the RAM CS Plc is specialized in designing and hosting web sites and developed a well-organized web design system that promotes organizations and their products. The company is capable of advertising enterprises and their products internationally by using windows based server that is located in North America. The RAM CS’s server in North America is extraordinary because it is with high speed, placed in a highly secured area and gives 24 hours support. Our services include:

  • Designs/develops static and dynamic web sites and web applications by using Adobe Studio software.
  • Provides a web hosting service for its customers,
  • Designs organization based E-mail browser and
  • Designs an Intranet for organizations.

Professional Database Software

  RAMCS Plc has been developing more professional and sophisticated database applications using the Net Technologies, SQL server database and Adobe Studio for

  • Construction companies
  • Chemical factories and labs
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Engineers
  • Printing enterprises, and others.

System Integration

Some electronic devices become functional only when the required software is implanted and directly integrated to the appliance. Platinium software are effective in this regard and have the capability to embed different kinds of electronic devices with it.   Some of the electronic devises that can be embedded in our systems are:

  • Security Devices – Biometric
  • Communication – PBX
  • Process Controlling System – Factory machines

Customization & Open Source The RAM CS Plc gives a service of customization of UNIX or LUNIX software for those organizations that are not capable to have Microsoft license. We have been studying and customizing various softwares based on customers’ need for different systems.   RAM CS customizes soft wares for:

  • Accounting Systems
  • Banking Systems
  • Insurance Systems and
  • Tailored Applications

Simulation and Artificial Intelligence

In an environment where resources are limited, the role of simulation and artificial intelligence for the overall accomplishments of the society is invaluable. RAMCS has given a big thought on these aspects of IT and technology and has been undertaking research to address national and international problems. Accordingly, the company is in the progress of designing systems in the following scopes.

  • Product Testing
  • Robotics
  • Training kits
  • Health Diagnosis and
  • Legal Advice