Power Systems

We provide comprehensive power solutions, including testing, engineering, analysis and maintenance. We work with major subcontractors of well-known Power Systems Industries in the globe. We believe that data centers, hospitals, telecommunications centers, government institutions and in similar mission-critical environments, power sustains life and ensures safety.

RAMCS believes in taking a proactive approach in helping our customers prevent unscheduled downtime which can be done by our Power Solutions group through testing, surveying, inspections and diagnostics. We provide consulting services to assist developers, operators, lenders, insurers, and others optimize the economic and thermal performance of facilities, strategically develop assets, and adapt to the changing market.

Green Energy/Electrical generation

Special focus is given to solutions that are focused on sources of energy that are considered to be environmentally friendly and non-polluting, such as power from wind & solar, geothermal, biofuels and hydro power.

Electrical transmissions

We engage also with variety of electric transmission activities.

Electrical control and fittings

We provide the supply and maintenance of various electric fittings and control systems such as electric motors, control panels, automation components, relays, timers and other electrical supplies. We ensure safety and definite results in all of our power solutions. All of our technicians are licensed journeyman or master electricians in order to provide our customers with the highest level of expertise and a broad range of experience during every project we work on.

PV/Solar Systems

RAMCS is ready to design and install a photovoltaic system that is appropriate for you. Every PV installation is tailored to fit our customer. There is a wide opportunity in this sector as we are living in a country with almost full year solar power.

Electric Station/Substations

Our substation installation services include installation of outdoor and indoor sub stations, which are highly appreciated by our clients all over the country. In addition to this, we also provide maintenance of existing feeders. Reliable, effectual & prompt are some of the few words that describe the nature of our services. Furthermore, these can be easily availed at the most affordable prices.

Transformer installation and maintenance

Transformer maintenance and proper installation of your new power transformers is critical for insuring the extended life of your transformer.